Why We Need To Appreciate Our Own Aloneness

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Mohadesa Najumi


A great writer once said; the only way out is in. This is certainly true today as everyone takes his or her own individual path towards escapism. We are all trying very hard to escape our daily lives, or even worse, ourselves. We do this through staring down at our mobile phones every chance we get, by filling our minds with endless non-stimulations such as television and by spending countless hours in the companies of others. Nobody wants to be alone, and even worse; nobody wants to be alone with their abyss of thoughts and doubts. When you are amongst a group of people and most of them are busy doing something on their phone; you must know that these people aren’t exceptionally busy. But, it is just easier to engage with a device that does not require any human interaction. Truth is, most of us aren’t aware of…

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1 Response to Why We Need To Appreciate Our Own Aloneness

  1. AmyRose says:

    I have been voicing my concern lately how disconnected people have become and how they are missing out in living LIFE. Facing one’s own inner BEing is so not easy, yet it is the only way to True Freedom. Too many are escaping, even myself at times. My Life is SO challenging that when I am on here interacting with my friends, it is as though my soul just sighs relief. Everything in moderation. Balance is the Key to a Happy Life. I really enjoyed your post today! Thank you! Love, Amy

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