Weekend Trip to Pondicherry…..

Its been a long time,We haven’t been to any outing…So we decided to go some place in the coming weekend and at last its Pondicherry we decided to go…We are not exactly sure about this place but just wanna try any coastal region like this. We are a group of 7 members so we decided to book a TT rather than Innova or something else to have some comfortable sleep in the night. Pondicherry is about 6 hours from Bangalore according to G-maps but it will take around 7 hrs if you prefer standard route Krishnagiri-Vellore. Luckily we got our own company Tempo traveller. We started around night 12 AM here from E-City Bangalore…and in between we stopped once near Ambur for refreshment after that no breaks and finally we reached Pondicherry by morning 9. So much of time wasted for this State border checks and some other tolls in between. We checked into hotel Lotus Bay which we booked a week before through online. We took 3 rooms on 3 sharing. But after reaching there we found 6 sharing rooms are much more comfortable and had a better sea view.

Any ways we have 2 days to cover the city. To be frank this is not the right season to go there, its mid March and sun is shining like anything. It’s so hot that we were unable to roam in the city except evening. But what to do everything is booked in advance and we need to pass the time for 2 days for sure :(. So after refreshment we just started the day with a walk on beach right in front of our hotel.



We were completely drained after walking for around 30 min and we immediately came back to hotel. After short break evening we started to Auroville again which is some what 15 KM before Pondicherry. It’s a very silent place with so many private beaches. Matrimandir, another main attraction in Pondicherry is located there only. Unfortunately we missed out to take pictures in this location. Later we visited Auribindo Ashram where you will get some peace of mind by doing meditation. You will really auspicious after visiting this place. I strongly recommend this place everyone who visits pondy.

Next day we visited Chunnabur Boat house..where you can do some boating and all but we were late there also and there are long queues for it already.So we just tried a normal boat just for namesake and left to Paradise beach right away. This is an ultimate place out of my entire trip I can say. Few clicks from this location

Paradise Beach-1
Paradise Beach-2

Paradise Beach-3
Paradise Beach-4

So that’s it. Second day is almost over and we heard that there is big footpath market available on Sunday. So we just visited that place and finished our day. We started back to Bangalore. Just a tip don’t carry any alcohol while leaving Pondy because border checking is waiting for that ;). Happy reading.

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I am software professional and i love spending time in photograhy and travelling
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