Long Drive to Nandi Hills

After a long time me and my Team have decided to go for a  long drive….since one of my colleague took a new vehicle…we decided to  go to Nandi Hills, which is just around 76 KM away from Bangalore south. It’s a common spot for so many trekkers who usually goes there in the early morning to see the  Sun raise. Because of altitude may be, the view is awesome from that point. Even our main intention was the same, So keeping that in mind we started early morning at around 3:30 AM from Electronic City.

Though we have decided to go there, but without thinking that there will be a very less chance of Sun raise when it’s raining…..Yes it’s raining like hell in Bangalore from past few days. Still I don’t know how we made this plan ;). Whatever may be we have started 🙂 . Everything is going fine until 1/2 hour. Then it started a small drizzle…i thought it’s OK we can manage it. But it’s not as expected..it started raining like anything. So we have took small tea break at Hebbal. At one point we have decided to cancel  this ride but again after passing some time there rain was stopped. And we resumed our ride to nandi hills again. We are already late due to rain and we missed out the sun raise already so we decided to take in between before going to the spot….the view is awesome. Here is the few clicks from the trip…

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hiills


About sarathrap

I am software professional and i love spending time in photograhy and travelling
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4 Responses to Long Drive to Nandi Hills

  1. Nice! I went to Nandi Hills a few years back. Our was a very foggy day somehow, even though it was the middle of August. Lovely trip, nonetheless!!

  2. sarathrap says:

    Thanks Surya…yeah even that day was some what similar…but we were too late to catch sun raise…I have gone through your complete travelogue and its awesome I must say…keep exploring..

  3. Tammi Kale says:

    I very much enjoy reading and seeing places online that I only dream of going at this point….Maybe someday! I am thoroughly enjoying your posts!

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