Weekly Writing Challenge : 1000 Words

At last I have started writing down to this weekly post…..whoo. This is the first time I am participating in this weekly or daily post challenge though i used to see these alerts so many times….So this time challenge was to write around 1000 words describing the below picture….wow 1000 words sounds more….but you know I am very good at creating stories( of course un-related ). Will try to give my best to suit the picture..hmm let start


it’s been a long time David and Sara are talking to each other due to difference and even living apart from long time. Ok who is David and Sara shown in picture and what happened to them and why they are so happy now. let’s go to their past like who are they, what they were doing then and how they met each other…

David used to work in some company in Paris which is somewhat near to the college where Sara is also doing her Graduation. Sara is living with her parents and Dave is living alone.As Sara needs to submit her project this year she was in search of summer interns. So while she is searching,luckily she found the same company where our hero Dave is working. Basing on her educational track record she was selected easily as a summer intern in that company and that too reporting to Dave again. What a coincidence right. Yes…Dave is a bit shy guy he usually don’t speak much the girls but this time after seeing the Sara.He changed his mind :). He started asking hell lot of questions to sara…initially she was frustrated by Dave’s behaviour and moving further she was adjusted with him and boring lectures. Even Dave is also helping her in out in most of her task’s. Day by day they were getting more closer….and how much close is that they even started going out individually without informing to anybody in the office. And finally the day has come to our Dave to propose to Sara. He was bit tensed as usual about the response like how she will react and all….

The day started normally like the other day….and Dave is bit early to office and he is preparing his dialogues in proposing her. At last he prepared something which he decided to say before Sara :). And sara came to office as usual in her daily time saying  Dave morning whats up ?. As we Dave is having something in his mind but he replied Good morning nothing much :(….He just don’t want to say it right away. He is looking for a right time when her mood is good.  At last he came to Sara and proposed her. She not surprised surprisingly since they are already close up to share secrets..so she said yes with smile 🙂 blushing. No words for him he was on cloud 9. He felt that was his Happiest moment  ever in his life time at that time(may be). Like that they both met each other and became together. life is going very smoothly until few moths where these differences between them because of so many reasons.Due to some misunderstandings distance has increased between both of them and gradually one day she left the house with out even informing to Dave. She left to her parents house. Though they were divided physically they some what they have little bit feelings left in their mind for each other…..but not showing it up….Both are waiting for the other’s call. Ego is the one which stops them in talking to each other.

Sara became literally dead not talking to anybody left the job and sitting ideally in the room. By seeing all this things her parents were bit worried about her.  So even wishes both of them to be together as soon as possible. So they have decided to make them unite them again. They sent a small message to Dave pretending as Sara saying that I am sorry for the things what happened till date…if possible can we meet once again to talk a bit.  They even posted the same letter to Sara pretending as Dave. Nice idea :). They both the location where they are going to meet. Both are happy unknowingly the sender of the msg. Sara wants to go meet Dave now without letting reason behind this to her parents. So she has planned like to go to outing in this weekend. She has selected the same spot what her parents told them in their letters.

Next day morning Sara and her parents took the local tramp and started to  that location somewhere in Paris. Dave is already waiting for her in that location from long time….tramp has reached the place where they were made to meet.

Sara saw the Dave from the window..though is she is happy inside after seeing her but she put her face as if she is looking a stranger…..even same was maintained by the Dave also..
Finally they met and Dave said like tell me why you called me now after all happening till now and Sara was surprised by even asked the same question…they both started arguing again on this at last Dave itself said sorry for some things which made to differ….and finally she was also happy with tears in her eyes and hugged him tightly saying you idiot why didn’t you called me till now. :). Sara parents were bit late to come out of late and they were so happy so see delightful moment of daughter’s.  People around this situation  are as usual busy in daily routine works….not caring about what happening in the road.This is how David and Sara met each finally. So this is nothing but life is
It’s a mixture of both love and hatred….Without these fights and mixed up reactions it will so boring and routine. And the moment right after the break up and when you become together again that will more merrier than ever and from that moment you will be bonded for ever. And that’s why it is called life…:)


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I am software professional and i love spending time in photograhy and travelling
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