Shivanasamudra and Mysore Trip

hmm this is an unexpected trip to Mysore and Shivanasamudra….. As usual I was bit free and alone last weekend and suddenly my friend  called me saying that he is also free. So quickly we both decided to go some where. But going some where without proper plan in a short span is a bad idea. So we decided to cut it short and make the journey cool and relaxing. Once I visited my friend…he told me hey we got a one more friend will be joining us in tomorrow’s trip..And finally we booked a vehicle.  Initially we planned to go to Udipi to enjoy beach but again to cut it short we changed it to Mysore..though we are going I am not that much interested to visit just Mysore one more time 😦 .  So i told my friend we will also go to ShivanaSamudra a near by place to Mysore where we can see beautiful water falls.

Next day morning we started at around 6 AM…and we reached the water falls at around 9…and our bad luck is there is no water over there :(. This is not the right time to go anyways here is the few snaps which I clicked from the trip..

Tried a different view of Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

View point at Shivanasamudra



About sarathrap

I am software professional and i love spending time in photograhy and travelling
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